Reimagining Dropbox Photos

Research + UX + Visual

This process post reimagines the Dropbox Photos experience in a full design cycle: user research, to experience design, to UI prototyping.

Featured in Fast.Co Design, Smashing Magazine,, and Medium's Top 100.

Dropbox's Core Features


At Dropbox, I managed research for our Search, Sharing, and growth campaigns. I led research plans based on project hypotheses, executed the best methodology given the constraints and research goal, then translated the research to insights.

Uber x 3 Million

Research + UX + Visual

I was the sole design resource on a growth campaign team of 6. We created the promotional cards you might see in Uber rides today.

With 3 weeks, we started with an idea, made quick design iterations based on research, and finished with what’s now one of the highest-performing growth campaigns in the company — and 3 million prints of my work adopted across the country.

Twitch.TV One-Pager

UX + Visual

I consulted with the data science team of 4 to design a solution for their recruiting needs. After 2 weeks, we designed and launched a microsite specific to the team.

The data science team exceeded their hiring goals by 200%, and its success inspired other teams across the company to create their own.

Side Thrills

UX + Visual + HTML/CSS

Throwback to the first website I hacked together during a college break:, a social experiment + coding challenge in fundraising for my first Macbook. Definitely not responsive.

I later learned the convenience of frameworks like Bootstrap and Bourbon/Neat while winning an education hackathon with a mentorship concept, and Yammer's Enterprise Hackathon with a data visualization app.



  1. People
  2. Learning

I was disenchanted with what I studied in school, and finished that early to pick up design on my own. Self-studying was unglamorous for awhile, but I had tons of help from a few mentors and the vastness of the Internet (Photoshop tutorials on Youtube!). I'm amazed that so many people freely share and create knowledge on the Internet, and that I'm able to learn a craft and a career from it. I want to make that possible for more people!


Drop me a note about interesting causes, especially in the education and healthcare spaces. I mentor at DesignLab (an online design course), in visual fundamentals and UX methodology.


Sharing is a Springboard, GitHub

How I was hired from a blog post.

UX + Visual, thoughtbot

My research + design process, and my favorite tools for it.

Quick and Dirty User Research, PARISOMA

The value of user research, and some ways you can inject lightweight research to your team.